TED Hatay College was planned as a modern education campus which is located on an area of 30 thousand square meters, with a closed area of ​​18 thousand square meters and open playgrounds of 12 thousand square meters, providing all the necessary facilities for the academic and social development of students. Our campus, which enables our students to keep up with the developments in the world of education and technology opportunities and to develop themselves continuously, provides the planning of teaching according to the constantly changing needs of the students.
At TED Hatay College, our classrooms are 60 square meters , hot-cold ventilated, fresh air circulated and have a large and bright structure. Our private classrooms are 80 square meters.


In our school, catering services are provided by Eurest Sofra Group.
Menu Commission has been established by our school in order to control the healthy, balanced and hygienic nutrition of our students. The Commission conducts periodic inspections before and during the delivery of catering services. In addition to solving problems, the Menu Commission transmits its warnings and suggestions to the manufacturer in order to improve these services every day and ensures that the necessary arrangements are made.


 Founded in 1987, Sofra Group is a company of the world leader Compass Group Plc.

Sofra Group, which provides collective catering and support services to Business Centers, factories, educational institutions and health institutions, maintains its leading position in the sector. For breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, it prepares meals for thousands of people who are confident, offers drinks and provides guest services. More and more customers rely on Sofra to maintain, clean, routine technical maintenance, and provide reception and office services. Sofra Group, in Turkey (TS EN ISO 9001: 2008) Quality Management Certificate, (TSE ISO EN 22000) Food Safety Certificate (TSE ISG OHSAS TS 18001: 2008) Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (TSE ISO EN 14001: 2004 ) Environment Certificate and (TSE ISO 10002 2006) Customer Satisfaction Certificate is the first in the sector to receive attention as a catering company. Sofra Group aims to preserve the quality assurance in its service by providing product control including storage, cooking and other processes ranging from purchase to service, trained personnel, hygiene in production and service area, training in machinery and equipment in the work area.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises" in 2011 according to the rankings, only when considering food production service Turkey's largest 192 organizations, while all groups considering together with the company 138 as the rising TABLES GROUP is also the 8th largest employer. Sofra Group has started to serve at TED Hatay College from 2012-2013 academic year start date. With its educated and experienced staff, it serves the students with a healthy Eat-Learn-Live philosophy. Input controls, production and service stages of all foods are controlled by the table project manager. SOFRA GROUP is  shown 63rd in Turkey's 100 most valuable brands  in the research conducted in 2011 by Capital.

Sofra Group in Numbers:

  • Operating in 71 cities throughout Turkey
  • Serving 1,300 customers in 2,000 different locations
  • Turkey's 8th largest employer with more than 18 thousand employment
  • 750 thousand meals per day
  • 195 million meals per year



The health and safety of our students is very important to us at TED Hatay College. Safety policy has been taken into consideration in the construction and operation of our campus starting from the design stage. All precautions have been taken for our students to carry out their education and social activities in a safe environment. There is a health unit in which the experienced health personnel who are equipped with the necessary equipment for the possible accidents and discomforts that may occur in the school are on duty. Necessary support will also be given for the continuation of the treatment programs of students with special health problems.

Procedure to be followed in emergency health situations

In case of an emergency health problem that may occur in our school, the patient / casualty is transported to the nearest full-fledged hospital in the most appropriate conditions and in the fastest way with the help of our health team.


TED Hatay College has grouped the risks in three ways: accident and injury risks, external risks and natural risks and took necessary precautions against them. In order to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries that students may be exposed to in daily life, living spaces are arranged in accordance with the security principles and suitable materials are selected for the safety of our students.

Our off-duty teachers are on duty during school hours and in the school yard. In case of minor injuries (falls, bumps, injuries) and other situations, our school doctor and / or nurse intervenes and our parents are always informed by the infirmary.

TED Hatay College has planned trainings, informed / unannounced exercises and awareness raising activities within the framework of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 regarding the natural disasters that we consider as natural risks and the earthquake that we perceive more seriously as a society in the last 10 years.


General rules

The students are to listen to the warnings of the drivers and service hostesses and treat them with respect.

They do not disturb friends, car drivers, stewardesses, or the environment by talking loudly, singing, or inappropriate words and behavior. They should listen to the classical music played on the radio to relieve the tiredness of the day. (Classical music playing on service radios is preferred in terms of mental health and relieving the tiredness of the day.)

They do not eat or drink in vehicles.

They are obliged to pay the damages caused to the vehicles intentionally or by accident.

Since the time lost for each student will be late for school, they have to leave on time by following the signal given by the service vehicle. Students do not wait for their services.


If the student misses the service for any reason, his / her parents have to bring the student to school on their own.

The drivers of the shuttle vehicles do not exclude students from the route without the consent of the guardian and the school administration.


Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PDR) Unit aims to help all students studying at our school to solve the difficulties they face before taking into consideration the developmental period characteristics, and to contribute to them being self-aware, adaptive and communication skills, sensitive to their environment, happy, healthy and creative individuals.

Our activities are based on the principles of confidentiality, volunteering, continuity, respect for individual rights, individual's worthiness, autonomy of the individual, and cooperation with related people.


Assessment and evaluation in a school is an important element that contributes to the improvement of student achievement. This unit contributes to the development of measurement tools, scoring processes and effective feedback; directs school programs, gives the teacher the opportunity to structure teaching activities, and provides the student with important information about its strengths and needs to be improved.In addition, the unit of measurement and evaluation; students' overall achievement level determines the students with learning disabilities and learning difficulties. Identifies the issues that are challenged in the teaching process and provides important data about what measures can be taken. For this purpose, the measurement and evaluation unit provides the following works.

  • Developing measurement instruments consisting of high reliability and validity items (questions)
  • To prepare exams such as readiness, determination of learning deficiencies or level determination in various stages of the teaching process and to evaluate the results
  • Calculated tests (arithmetic mean, peak value, median, standard deviation, etc.) and item (item difficulty, item discrimination) statistics of the items used in the exams
  • Using the obtained statistics, first of all to give feedback to teachers about students' learning. In addition, to contribute to the creation of more qualified questions and to develop a more qualified test
  • To determine the level of achievement of the objectives of the program in the units processed
  • To report the progress and effort of the student with the success test results
  • To send the relevant reports to the school directorate for notifying the student, teacher and parents about the evaluations
  • Supporting teachers on how to increase the reliability and validity of the questions prepared
  • Assisting field selection and routing by collecting data
  • To assist in the development, implementation and scoring of assessment and assessment methods that contribute to the development of high-level thinking skills of students such as the project.


As a result; it is possible to make education more scientific and effective with the assessment and evaluation unit. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop more objective measurement tools, generate scoring keys and provide effective feedback when assessing student achievement. In this sense, it is ensured that the education process becomes more efficient and effective with the studies carried out by the measurement and evaluation unit in our school.




Value is the set of principles that reveal the common feelings and aims of a society in order to ensure the existence and continuity of a society. Value is the most basic thinking system inspired by a society.

Values are the standards, beliefs or moral principles that a person or a social group accepts. (Collins English Dictionary, 1991: 1694)


  • Values guide perception and emotion. It directly affects our behavior.
  • Values are a direct representation of the point that the individual and society wish to achieve.
  • Values are the active force that unites society and the individual.
  • Values represent the stance of personality against life.